Echo Park Rehabilitation Project

Echo Park, California

Project Description
To improve water quality in Echo Park Lake, a 13-acre urban lake surrounded by 16 acres of recreational open space, via lake improvements, improvements to storm water conveyance facilities feeding and draining the lake, and creation of constructed wetlands including lake drainage and sediment drying, odor control, collect and analyze water quality and sediment hazardous control and removal, lake bed excavation and grading, demolition of existing lake edging and construction of new lake edging, retaining walls, and DSOD berm, outlet structure, re-grade and re-contour the lake bottom, storm drain bypass system, install bentonite, recirculation and aeration systems, fountain piping and pump station, retrofit existing lake outlet vault and refill the lake, wildlife relocation, Irrigation and landscape, wetland planting, Lotous vegetation, miscellaneous park improvements, site concrete and pavement.

City of Los Angeles
Bureau of Engineering
120 South San Pedro, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA. 90012

Bid Date   Completion Date
9/16/2008   06/15/2013

Echo Park Lake Discovery: Sunken Wagon Wheel's Origin A Mystery
Los Angeles Times
June 24, 2012

WInners of ENR California's Best Projects Competition Announced
ENR California
September 27, 2013

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