Los Angeles River Bikeway

Between Winnetka Avenue & Mason Avenue
Project # W.O.E700309F, E700310F, E700409F

Project Description
Re-grading and reconfiguration of 4000 linear foot of existing channel maintenance road into a Class 1 bikeway and multi-use path, planting of native trees and bio-swale planting and irrigation system, pour in place new decorative paving, installation of new signage and new electrical system included 42 solar-electrical panel light poles with about 4000 linear foot of conduit, benches and trash receptacles, drinking fountains and adult exercise equipment (par-course), and installation of new Key Stone retaining walls, fencing and decorative gates. Construction of a prefabricated pedestrian Bridge and reconfiguration and construction of underpass for bikers easy access and pass through heavy traffic area.
Start Date   Estimated Completion Date
10/01/2012   05/01/2014


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