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Los Angeles River Bikeway
Re-grading and reconfiguration of 4000 linear foot of existing channel maintenance road into a Class 1 bikeway and multi-use path, planting of native trees and bio-swale planting and irrigation system, pour in place new decorative paving, installation of new signage and new electrical system included 42 solar-electrical panel light poles with about 4000 linear foot of conduit, benches and trash receptacles, drinking fountains and adult exercise equipment (par-course), and installation of new Key Stone retaining walls, fencing and decorative gates.

In Progress

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Malibu Lagoon State
Beach Restoration & Enhancement

Malibu California
To improve and re-contour the western arm of Malibu Lagoon and replant with native vegetation, install interpretive features at Malibu Lagoon State Beach in Los Angeles County, CA. The project is to house several exhibits including Winter Platform, a Summer amphitheater, a bird blind structure, a bird observation platform, a watershed fountain, a watershed observation platform and custom made metal awnings.

Completed 03/11/2013
ICF International
Sacramento, CA

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Echo Park Rehabilitation Project
Echo Park, California
To improve water quality in Echo Park Lake, a 13-acre urban lake surrounded by 16 acres of recreational open space, via lake improvements, improvements to storm water conveyance facilities feeding and draining the lake, and creation of constructed wetlands including lake drainage and sediment drying, odor control, collect and analyze water quality and sediment hazardous control and removal, lake bed excavation and grading, demolition of existing lake edging and construction of new lake edging, retaining walls, and DSOD berm, outlet structure, re-grade and re-contour the lake bottom, storm drain bypass system, install bentonite, recirculation and aeration systems, fountain piping and pump station, retrofit existing lake outlet vault and refill the lake, wildlife relocation, Irrigation and landscape, wetland planting, Lotous vegetation, miscellaneous park improvements, site concrete and pavement.

Completed 06/15/2013

City Of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering / Psomas $26,305,841

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South Los Angeles
Wetlands Park

Los Angeles, California
To build a new park and 3 small lakes to bring storm drain water from main line in San Pedro St. to these man made lakes in order to be treated naturally through out these lakes and return to main storm drain system to go to the ocean. Including all landscaping, irrigations, bridges for the park area with site furnishing and solar electrical poles around lake area and new structural steel fencing and gates. All new electrical duct bank, and site utilities and concrete pump room for storm drain water collection and storm water treatment.

Completed 02/09/2012
City Of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering / Psomas $7,029,360

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Hyperion Treatment Plant Environmental Learning Center West
Playa Del Rey, California
Remodeling and renovation of 19,900 sq/ft of existing two story concrete wall and slab building included seismic renovation and Asbestos abatement, new interior wall, new stairs, new railing, new elevator, new windows and curtain walls, site utilities improvement with new landscaping, irrigation and remodeling and extension of existing exterior pond and preparation of 15 new interactive exhibitions for water treatment plant facility for City of Los Angeles. The building is designed to achieve Gold LEED certification rating.

Completed: 2011
City Of Los Angeles Environmental Engineering Division $9,500,000

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East Valley
Multipurpose Center

Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Park
Sherman Oaks, California

Construction of a new facility for senior citizens of Van Nuys Sherman Oaks and the East Valley, comprised of three new buildings and outdoor improvements, and the demolition of two existing senior citizens center buildings at Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park. The new facility has a total floor area of 17,319 square feet. The two existing buildings to be demolished have areas of 6,033 and 2,273 square feet respectively. The bigger building is constructed of reinforced masonry walls with flexible diagram framework, built-up roof, while the smaller building is of wood frame construction with stucco exterior and sloping asphalt roof. The new facility will be used for recreational and charitable programs for the senior citizens.

Completed: 05/16/2011

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PE and Wellness Center
Harbor College
Wilmington, California

One story college campus
gymnasium building located in
Harbor college @ Wilmington, California, consisting of indoor basketball /volleyball courts with
two rows of fixed bleachers and
wood flooring, weight room and wellness center  room with rubber flooring and indoor therapy pool , offices and men & women locker rooms & bathrooms and shower
area with lockers& benches about 48,100 Sq. Ft. Also, site
improvement includes utilities,
exterior volleyball court &
equipment, site concrete,
irrigation and landscaping.

Completed: 03/22/2010
Los Angeles
College District

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Virginia Avenue
Park Expansion

Santa Monica, California
Remodeling & rehab of 2 existing buildings about 16000 S.F., 1 new restroom & storage about 1500
square feet, street improvement of
4 pedestrian & walkway area with inflashement light system, & park improvement included all new landscaping & irrigation, new
parking lot, new water feature for
play ground, new play equipment,
all new walkways.

Completed: 12/02/2005
City of Santa Monica $10,212,063

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East L.A. Civic Center
Los Angeles, California
Site development for existing park included all landscaping, irrigation, new bike rout, new side walks,
open amphitheatre, Playground facilities and equipment. Included
of clean up and re-plumbing of the pump station for the existing lake, with new pump station, new liner
for the lake about 7,000,000 gallon capacity.

Completed: 2004
County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Works Architectural Engineering Dept.
(626) 300-2329

Yorba Linda Gymnasium
For City Of Yorba Linda
Yorba Linda, California
New construction; approx. 31,000 sq.ft. of Gymnasium and office
Bldg. With related site work.
Concrete slab and masonry

Completed: 1996
City of Beverly Hills Project Administration $2,573,700

Hungry Valley, SVRA
State Vehicular Recreation
8,000 SF  Administration Building, Ranger Station and Road Construction

Completed: 1993
State of California

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